The Eastern European Internet is getter bigger and richer, but quality online news is fighting for survival.
Arvamus 01 Jun 2010  EWR
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Marius Dragomir, Transitions Online
Ten or so years ago, when a Prague journalist, disgruntled with the pressures from editors and owners he was grappling with, was exulting in a Czech pub over the freedom and infinite possibilities the Internet would bring, he was condescendingly told by many of his friends to come back to earth. Who could imagine that advertisers would pump their money into a platform accessed by such a limited audience back when television could freeze millions of Czech eyeballs for hours in front of Titanic or a football match?

Ten years later, across the region, websites are mushrooming, the online population is booming, and advertising euros are pouring into the Internet, helping counteract the general downturn in ad spending. But how much journalism are people consuming? Sadly, not much.

//online advertising spending has been growing in the past two years at annual rates of over 50 percent. In 2009, some 15 percent of all ad money in tech-friendly Estonia went to the Internet; elsewhere, though, the figure is still under 10 percent.//

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