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The Canadian National Exhibition Air Show Line-Up For 2011
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The CNE Air Show, on September 3 to 5, 2011, the final weekend, has submitted its tentative line-up.

The star of the show (so far) is the V-22 Osprey combination aircraft/helicopter making its first appearance at a Canadian air show. This aircraft was concieved for the United States Marine Corps, in 1989 and took some difficulty coming into fruition. It has two turboprop Rolls-Royce engines that pivots 90 degrees, forward and upward, holding troops that can be egested out of rear.

The Canadian Fighter, the CF-18 Hornet, sporting a red cloured theme, commemmorating the fallen troops, will give its supersonic boom.

The Canadian Forces aerobatic team, the Snowbirds will be a constant thrill.

Heavy Metal, a US aerobatic team will demonstrate in 4 - L-39 Albatross (Czech built training jets, active in Estonia) and T-33 Shooting Star (a fifties training plane which went out of Canadian service just recently).

The US Air Force ground support fighter, the A-10 Warthog is back to demonstrate a dreaded flypast.

The WW II four engined bomber, the Lancaster owned by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the kind that were built at Malton - now the International Convention Centre - will give its mighty roar.

A Red Bull air racing circuit, only Canadian contestant, Pete McLeod will do aerobatics in his Edge 540. Another aerobatic routine is by Rick Volker in his Sukoi SU-26M (not the Russian fighter). Mike Wiskus will do some fantastic stunt flying in a Pitts sponsored by Lucas Oil.

Gliding will be by the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in their Schweizer 2-33 and Manfred Radius in his H-101 Salto Sailplane.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Osprey, a whole new aircraft.
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