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In September 2010, two enthusiastic Estonians with a genuine love for the rich culture of their home country created ‘Estowear’. Imbi and Paul – Estowear’s founders – are first generation Australians with Estonian parentage. The couple’s passion for all things Estonian –
as well as their extensive fashion design experience – is what led them to embark on this exciting venture.

Throughout her childhood in Adelaide, Imbi was heavily involved with the Estonian community; from Saturday morning Estonian School to singing and folk dancing, she spent valuable hours learning about a culture that many Australians did not even know existed. Her
involvement in community activities continued throughout her life and included teaching Estonian folk dancing to children and volunteering as a leader at the Estonian Summer Camp for Children, ‘Sõrve’. Now based in Sydney, Imbi continues to be a part of various Estonian
committees and is passionate about keeping Estonian culture alive for the next generation of Estonians living in Australia.

Born in Sydney, Paul also grew up with strong ties to his native Estonian culture and language. In the early 90s, he founded a small Estonian clothing company – Estart - which was a pioneering brand at the time. Producing t-shirts emblazoned with images of iconic Estonian art, Estart soon became a successful mail order and wholesale business, supplying a wide range of tourist shops in Tallinn, as well as selling to the Estonian community across the
globe. Despite its success, Estart was only a sideline project for Paul – he was also involved with a number of surfwear, streetwear and sportswear companies and continues to involve himself in the apparel industry today as a product and design developer.

With Estonia restoring its independence in 1991, joining the European Union in 2004 and adopting the Euro in 2011, the last two decades have seen a lot of change for the country. So too were changes occurring in the lives of Imbi and Paul; when the pair got together, a marriage of ideas and concepts began to emerge. With over 20 years’ experience in fashion, design and marketing between them, Imbi and Paul pooled their industry knowledge and
Estowear was created – an online clothing business incorporating Estonian graphics on apparel, headwear and accessories. The couple’s passion for their home country of Estonia, its culture and its people, makes it easy for them to deliver the creativity that defines the Estowear brand.

Estowear’s extensive range of high-quality sportswear and streetwear apparel and accessories all feature uniquely Estonian imagery. From Viking ships to Old Tallinn cityscapes, cornflowers to Estonian graphics, every item portrays a striking image of Estonian culture.
The majority of Estowear products are carefully made to order and not mass produced. Imbi and Paul take great care and pride in creating and producing the best quality products for their customers.

With the Internet and online shopping, it is now so much easier for people from around the world to share Imbi and Paul’s passion for all things Estonian. This really was the only way to establish Estowear as a global brand and to find out where all the passionate Estonians were hibernating! Whether your connection with Estonia is through heritage, family, friends or simply an interest in this vibrant culture - Estowear is your brand.

2011 is an exciting year for Estowear! After popular demand, the Estowear Gift Vouchers will soon be launched, enabling everyone to send a gift voucher via email or post to family, friends and business associates anywhere in the world. Plus, how would you like to see your design on an Estowear item of clothing? Estowear is always on the lookout for new talent, ideas and concepts that express the rich and diverse culture of Estonia - whether a simple child’s graphic or an artistic landscape image or photograph, Imbi and Paul are eager to hear from you. Submit your designs at – you may be eligible to win a $200 Estowear Gift Voucher!

And so, Imbi and Paul invite you to browse the Estowear collection at, to wear their clothing with pride and to join them in celebrating all things Estonian!
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