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Tartu Handbell Ensemble
Eestlased Kanadas 15 Jul 2011  Eesti Elu
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The Tartu Handbell Ensemble has its roots in the well known handbell school ‘Arsis’ which has given young handbell professionals their start. Arsis is recognized as a non-traditional school of music, where both notes and the instrument are studied, but where music is studied via the handbell.

Handbells are instruments in which playing together is possible at an early stage and the musician is able to quickly enjoy satisfaction from this. Pre-conditions are a sense of rythym and good co-ordination.

The development of handbell music through an ensemble requires the emphasis on teamwork, which boosts music intertest in children, a sense of responsibility, the ability to communicate with others and the courage to perform.

“Arsis” was founded in 1999 in Tallinn. Two years later it was also established in Tartu.

The Tartu handbell musicians have studied and played together for the past ten years. For the past five years they have given independent concert performances. Their repertoire includes familiar classics, lighter pieces and also specially arranged music for handbells.

The Ensemble consist of 12 young people with ages ranging from 19 to 23. Conducted by Mari Tooming, a teacher at the school and the founder of the Ensemble, the group has plans to perform in Hamilton, at Seedrioru, Ehatare/Eesti Kodu, the Estonian Baptist Church in Toronto and at a Canadian local church towards to end of July.
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