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Tänavalt. From the street.
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Nämma and larger than life
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A good example of why eating is not allowed on public transit vehicles in Tallinn: huge Estonian ice cream bars simply will not fit inside! Seen here are a trollibuss aka troll side by side with a new ice cream sandwich or cookie type product on Estonia puies/tee (boulevard) in the busy downtown capital. Photo: Riina Kindlam

Jäätise/hooaeg (ice cream season) is in full swing and Estonians love their ice cream. It’s particularly great to see older people enjoying jäätis on the street and in parks. It’s an indulgence that’s hard to resist even for people on a strict budget, as most Estonian senior citizens are. Jäätis is a quintessential part of suvi (summer), especially in northern climes, where the warm weather and explosion of nature is long-awaited. (Loe rohkem Eesti Elu 14. juuni paberlehest.)
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