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A telling cause

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This ad for the upcoming Tellingukontsert was seen alongside Kaarli kirik (church) in Tallinn. Tellima means to order, yet this is not a made-to-order concert on demand. That would be tellimuskontsert. The structure supporting the banner is a clue. Photo: Riina Kindlam

A telling cause, a telling kontsert for a telling kunsti/teos. In English, telling means 1) having force or effect; effective; striking; and also 2) revealing; indicative of much otherwise unnoticed. In Estonian, the adjective telling could be translated as: ilmekas, kaalukas, mõjukas, mõjuv, palju/ütlev, tõhus. These all happen to be appropriate words to describe a benefit concert held to support a good cause, but telling in Estonian is a noun that means something completely different.

The banner itself is actually hung on tellingud, the apse of the church behind it is full of more of the same and the ad promises that the performers will in fact rise up on them: Tellingutele tõusevad... The fine print at the bottom sums it up: Toetame koos Köleri altarimaali restaureerimist. Let's all support the restoration of Köler's altar painting. (Rohkem Eesti Elu 7.juuni paberlehest)
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