Tänavalt. From the street.
Eestlased Eestis 08 Feb 2013  EWR
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PHOTO: What does this road sign mean? Ettevaatust, kaks muhku teel? – Attention, two bumps in the road ahead? Or brace yourself for a kraater? It actually means be ready for anything; rough roads, i.e. surprises ahead. Surprises that were not there yesterday. In this case, a trio of potholes in the alfaldist tee/kate (asphalt pavement or road surface), which looks to be just the right size to swallow your tire perfectly and give you a terrific jolt, hence the term löök/auk – "strike hole". Studded tires (naast/rehvid or -kummid), used by the majority of Estonian drivers in the winter, are a major part of the valem (equation). Photo: Riina Kindlam

"I wonder how deep that pothole (löök/auk) is and whether my ratas (wheel) will fit in it?" Actually, rarely do you have time for such prolonged reflection on a dark, wet, slick thoroughfare. You simply clutch the rool (wheel), keep your eyes peeled for any darker patches and do your best to avoid them. Luckily not all winter, just in times of sula (thaw) and there have been two such periods this winter in Eesti; perfect for breeding potholes nagu seeni pärast vihma – like mushrooms after the rain.
Did you know that holes yawn? (Nad haigutavad.)... (Loe edasi Eesti Elu 8. veebruari paberlehes.)
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