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TÄNAVALT (From the street). In favour of the home team
Kultuur 09 Mar 2012  Eesti Elu
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In early 2012 the President of Estonia asked people to come up with reasons why it's great to live in Estonia and to post them on his Facebook page. Over 1000 reasons were submitted and voted on by the online public. A handful were later displayed on bus shelters and street posts including this one.

Untouched nature is something Canadians might sometimes take for granted, but visitors from many European countries marvel at Eesti's wilderness; which in turn makes eestlased realise how fortunate they are to have such an abundance of wildlife and pristine nature.

The project was also summarised as "100 Eesti eelist". An EELIS can be an advantage, asset or virtue. Also a preference or priority: Ma eelistan = I prefer. It comes from the word EES – to be in front, to lead.

NB – Marge is not pronounced like Marge Simpson, since there is no such thing as a silent E in Estonian. You pronounce every letter and therefore the G here is hard ("Mar-geh.")

Riina Kindlam, Tallinn

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