Talvetuli Kotkajärve 2013
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 - pics/2013/03/38843_001_t.jpg
Cold and Bright! With brisk -20C temperatures and bright sunshine, Kotkajärve was host to over 65 youth and adults for some Winter Scouting fun during Family Day weekend!

Qualified help! The program featured an exciting variety of events including GPS Navigation hosted by Geography Professor Tarmo Remmel, Cross Country Ski tips from competitive ski racer Eerik Randsalu and Winter Scouting Sled Race Instructor Eric Tiisler.

Fire from Ice! On Saturday the youth were invited out to the lake to enjoy the wind free conditions to carve out a block of ice to carve something special, ice spheres! The intent was to use them as a method of creating “fire from ice” to magnify the suns rays.
Harvesting the ice from the 16” thick lake cover - pics/2013/03/38843_002.jpg
Harvesting the ice from the 16” thick lake cover

Harvesting the ice from the 16” thick lake cover - pics/2013/03/38843_003.jpg
Harvesting the ice from the 16” thick lake cover

Carving and polishing the ice using knives and saws. - pics/2013/03/38843_004.jpg
Carving and polishing the ice using knives and saws.

Carving and polishing the ice using knives and saws. - pics/2013/03/38843_005.jpg
Carving and polishing the ice using knives and saws.

The youth had an interestingly creative “Estonian” method of polishing the freshly carved ice spheres……the Sauna! After only a few minutes of sitting in the warmth, the ice took on a very good clarity and shine!

Biggest question…did it work? The short answer is no! Perhaps the bit of cloud cover, time of day or temperature had something to do with it however they made very nice humorous props for the campfire Saturday night!

Rescue Sled Competition 2013

Last years Rescue Sled competition at Talilaager was very well received so we decided to run it again on a longer course to help teach the youth winter survival techniques, workmanship/teamwork and physical activity.
 - pics/2013/03/38843_009_t.jpg

Challenge! At the start of the race four teams of mixed ages and gender were created to equip and maintain four “rescue sleds” that contained matches, tarps, ropes, pots and anything else they thought would be appropriate for simple survival (ice spheres included) A GPS course was laid out and off they went!

Stage 1 –Esma abi! Every group took a different direction to get to the first event of a First Aid Scenario. A fellow team member was told that they had broken their leg in an unfortunate simulated ski accident! The goal of the team was to perform adequate first aid and then continue with the GPS course.
 - pics/2013/03/38843_010_t.jpg

Stage 2 – Tuli Tuli! Teams were challenged to start a fire on top of the snow, melt the snow inside a pot or kettle, then provide the injured with some hot chocolate. Some of the participants were very fast and efficient taking only a few minutes to perform the task.
 - pics/2013/03/38843_011_t.jpg

Others choose a bigger challenge….to use the ice sphere to start the fire! I have to say that for the amount of time they invested, they deserved a huge fire but again the conditions were not exactly ideal

Stage 3 – Talgud! The GPS then provided a third destination…… the Sauna! Wood had to be carried from the woodshed to the Sauna so that everyone could enjoy the Sauna after the event. Points were given for teamwork, participation, eesti keel and cleanup!
 - pics/2013/03/38843_013_t.jpg

Stage 4 – UP!
The racers were given their second last GPS coordinate across the lake at the bottom of the steep hill below the “Naabri Köök“. Needless to say, it was a bit of a challenge!
 - pics/2013/03/38843_014_t.jpg

Fantastic Food!
Thanks to "celebrity chefs": "Saucier" Hendrik Nommik and "Supp meister" David Hogg, & supporting roles: Taimi (Marley) Hooper, Tiiu (Nommik) Remmel, Tarmo Remmel, Angie Sadul ja Martha Tiisler. "Guest stars": Maarika Lepik, Liis Truuvert ja Tiia Vessmann and a huge thank you for all those who helped along the way with muscle and clean up at the end! A special thanks to Kadri (Nommik) Munro for keeping it all organized through her tireless efforts!

All participants were able to learn something new throughout the weekend! Of course this would not have been possible without the generosity of others dedicating their time and effort towards heating, feeding and teaching the youth!

Special thanks to Talvi Parming for organizing a great camp!
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