Tallinna Tivoli Press Release – April 28, 2010
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We would like to announce that Tallinna Tivoli OÜ is now an official company. The objective of the firm is to build a full scale amusement park in Tallinn. We are working hard, and closing in on a deal to secure an ideal location, less than 4 kilometers from the city centre and harbor. The park will provide thrills for all ages, and will feature some signature rides and attractions. There will be roller coasters, water rides, and a section designed for our younger visitors. We are also working on an “ethnic theme” and announcements will follow shortly.

The objective is to attract 600,000 visitors per year. There is nothing of its kind in Estonia, and other parks in Northern Europe achieve these numbers or better, and operate at a healthy profit. With a carefully crafted business plan, Tallinna Tivoli will also show significant returns for investors.

Our mission will be to provide a fun, safe and environmentally friendly environment for our visitors. We plan to be open in 2013, and are working very hard to hit this aggressive date.

The management team is made up of Raoul Langvee MBA, (President), Kalev Kallemets MBA, (VP Finance), and Priit Aakre, P.Eng, MBA (VP Operations). This dedicated team is working around the clock to make this dream a reality.

We are working with professional consultants in park design, theme and layout. We are also starting the process of land zoning and development. The capital budget for this project will be in the $50 million US dollar range.

Financing is always a challenge, but we have made some significant inroads. Our immediate need is seed capital of $250,000 and we are offering potential investors a very high return, equity ownership, clear exit strategy, and certain guarantees, that are unique in these types of ventures. 50 Units of $5,000 will be offered. These investors will own approximately 60% of the shares prior to second tier financing, where their position will still be in the area of 18%. These funds will be primarily used for zoning, consulting and business plan preparation.

We hope to have significant Estonian ownership, and invite the community to participate through investment or donation. Naming rights are available for donors. To receive an investor package, please contact Raoul Langvee at or 416-705-9811.
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