Tallinn to join Intelligent Community Association
Eestlased Eestis 07 May 2010  EWR
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The Tallinn City Council endorsed accession on the afternoon of May 6 of the capital to the world Intelligent Community Association. The Intelligent Community Association, ICA, is a non-profit organisation that promotes the achievements of successful communities throughout the world, furthers research programmes, and attempts to ensure the best opportunities for information technology, innovative and dynamic development.

Speaking in the City Council, Municipal Secretary Toomas Sepp said that there is a danger of lack of co-ordination in the capital in working out new IT solutions and their applications. Sepp said that state co-ordination of the IT sphere, which would not allow for incomplete solutions or those that do not interlock with other systems to be carried out.

In 2007 the Intelligent Communities Forum picked Tallinn as belonging to the top seven most intelligent communities in the world from among 300 candidates. By now Tallinn has deserved the same recognition four years running, a spokesman for the City Council said.

The decision about this year's most intelligent community will be made on 21 May in New York. The plans are to sign the foundation treaty of the Intelligent Community Association there on 19 May.

(Ref BNS/ER)
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