Tallinn: A town of many talents
Rahvusvahelised uudised 08 Jan 2011  EWR
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Adrian Bridge, The Telegraph
From the end of Kohtu Street on Tallinn’s Toompea Hill, you get a good view of the many faces of this fabled city on the Baltic.

Immediately below are the spires, towers and twisting alleyways of an old town that remains essentially medieval in its layout and which over the past 800 years has been ruled variously by Danes, Teutonic Knights, Swedes, Tsarist (and Soviet) Russians, Germans and even, briefly, by Estonians themselves.

Beyond that are the shiny tower blocks of the “Tallinn Manhattan” – testimony to Estonia’s eagerness to embrace the 21st century and to build one of the most hi-tech, internet-friendly “e-societies” in the world. (You use Skype? It was invented here.)

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