“Tales from the Estonian loom!”
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Estonian folk fashions on parade on November 2nd

Tales woven from the Estonian loom are tales of survival, tales of thriumph over insurmountable odds, tales of the resourcefulness and creativity of the Estonian spirit! Estonians fleeing in advance of the Soviet occupying forces in 1944 were forced to leave behind everything that was dear to them - their homes, their families, their worldly goods and their homeland! Everything, that is, except their pride and their identity as Estonians.
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Visible signs of this identity surfaced as soon as Estonians set foot in refugee camps in Germany and Sweden, the expression of which continued to gain momentum as Estonians settled in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Song festivals, folk dance festivals and the most concrete and enduring symbol of Estonian identity of all – the Estonian folk costume! Beautiful traditional folk costumes created, stitched and embroidered by resourceful Estonian women, sometimes in the the most extraordinary of circumstances adapting for use the most unusual of materials available in those circumstances.

This pride in one’s heritage and one’s Estonian identity has been passed on from generation to generation and can be seen
in the faces of fourth generation Canadian Estonians (and veteran models) Lief and Laas Kolga, who will be strutting jauntily down the catwalk at Estonian House on Sunday November 2nd.

The organizing committee of “Tales from the Estonian loom” invites you to visit an exhibit of folk costumes and accessories at one o’clock on November 2nd in the Gallery of the Estonian House. In addition, a short film, “My Estonia”, (narration in English) will be shown in the Crystal hall until 2 o’clock at which time the doors to the main hall will open for the gala event of the day – a fashion parade of Estonian folk dress! Narrator Ellen Valter, narration in both Estonian and English, models from ages 4 months to 90 years.

Tickets $30, light lunch served, to reserve tickets and tables, please contact Marju Säägi 416-757-3429.
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