Taavi Rõivas: European Union funds help to raise the welfare of the residents of Ida-Viru County
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Government Communication Unit
Narva, 6 May 2014 – Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas met with the Mayor of Narva and local residents during his tour around Ida-Viru County today. The future and improvements of the City of Narva, which can be carried out for the development of the region with the support of the European Union funds over the next years, were discussed at the meeting with Mayor Eduard East.

The Prime Minister said that it is up to all of us, the Government and the local government, how wisely we use those funds. “It is important the European Union investments would create new jobs and new quality of life, as well as make the lives and well-begin of the region’s residents better,” Taavi Rõivas said.

The Prime Minister confirmed that during the next budget period of the European Union, it is planned to contribute over a total of 34 million euros to the development of the life and business environment of Ida-Viru County urban areas, i.e. Narva, Narva-Jõesuu, Jõhvi, Toila and Kohtla-Järve. Additionally, it is possible for the region to apply for aid to promote education, entrepreneurship, and employment; for example, bringing child care service and school network into order, strengthening medical care, and re-organising hospital network.

According to the Prime Minister, the activeness and the will of the local governments is vital for carrying out the most important projects. “Local government services can be also taken to a new level with the European Union funds; many of them can be better developed in cooperation with other local governments than separately,” he added. “Right now is the time to think about how to make decisions in a way that, after seven years, we would be able to say that we used those funds wisely and Narva is a better place for living,” the Prime Minister explained.

For example, the Government supports the improvement of the old town of Narva as living environment and the reconstruction of a new library-theatre at Rüütli Street. It is planned to build Jõhvi regional gymnasium and Jõhvi logistics and business park infrastructure with the support of the structural funds.

From 2007–2013, a total of 343 million euros have been invested in the projects of Ida-Viru County and 273 million euros of this account for the contribution of the European Union structural funds. The biggest investments have been targeted at water resource management and the closure of Kiviõli and Kohtla-Järve semi-coke landfills. As an important investment, Narva water resource management project provides about 60,000 city residents with clean drinking water. Public urban space has been arranged in Ida-Viru County with the help of the structural funds; for example, the extension of Ida-Viru Central Hospital and new joint buildings for the police and rescue units have been constructed, modern industrial areas have been established. Moreover, the junction of Jõhvi has been renovated, the practice house of Ida-Viru County Vocational Education Centre has been completed and furnished and the main building of Narva College of the University of Tartu has been established.

The county has received regional development aid in a total sum of approximately 73 million euros and nearly 60 million euros from this were gained from the structural support funds. Seven kindergartens, five schools, the objects of culture, sports and recreation have received the European Union structural funding. For example, Narva bastions are under renovation, Kukruse manor, Iisaku Gymnasium and Püssi Kindergarten have already been renovated. Oil Shale Competence Centre, Kiviõli Adventure Centre and Narva logistics and industrial park infrastructure, as well as the rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities have been established. It is planned to build Jõhvi regional gymnasium and Jõhvi logistics and business park infrastructure in Ida-Viru County with the support of structural funds.

Photos from Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas’ visit to Ida-Viru County: http://valitsus.ee/et/uudised/...
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