Swine Flu Follies: A Regional Roundup Of Reactions (And Overreactions) To Virus's Spread
Rahvusvahelised uudised 10 Nov 2009  EWR
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As the swine-flu virus continues to spread through the Balkans and the former Soviet Union, the measures taken by some governments range from bizarre and befuddled to possibly political.

In Moldova, which has 269 confirmed H1N1 cases and four reported swine-flu deaths, health officials on November 9 closed schools and universities for a week. The timing of the closure prompted speculation that the country's university students would capitalize on their sudden free time by turning out to protest the parliament's failure today to elect pro-Western candidate Marian Lupu as president.

Do flu and politics mix? Moldovan Health Minister Vladimir Hotineanu didn't exactly say no.

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