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Swedish Estonians take action against Nord Stream in Gotland Estonian Life
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On Saturday 23rd April the Estonian National Congress in Sweden (ENCS)
adopted a resolution to express concern regarding international
security in the Baltic Sea area. The Congress pointed out that
decisions which are about to be made by the Gotland Island local
authorities could severely impact security and environment in the
Baltic Sea.

Evelin Tamm, Chairman of the ENCS Committee on Politics and
International Affairs, said “We follow the developments on both shores
of the Baltic Sea very closely and, as a result, we are deeply
concerned about the forthcoming decisions. The ‘Nord Stream’ company
wishes to expand its service facilities in the harbour at Slite in the
expectation of increased investment and work opportunities for the
local authorities. This, however, is a potentially serious risk, which
needs to be examined in a wider context and which demands greater
public debate.”

The resolution follows a response from Margot Wallström, the Swedish
Foreign Minister, to a letter that the ENCS had sent to her on 5th
February. In her reply she states that Sweden will follow
international agreements and that the local authorities on Gotland
have a high level of independence to make those types of decisions.

The ENCS resolution points out the risk arising from the Nord Stream
investments on Gotland. The actions of Nord Stream can, in future, be
used as a way to legitimise the expansion of the Kreml´s sphere of
interest in the Baltic Sea.

“Gotland is a strategic base to all who want to control the Baltic
Sea. When one thinks about Putin’s recent behaviour towards its
neighbouring countries the leasing of Slite Harbour facilities to
Gazprom could put both Swedish and Estonian security at risk”, said
Aho Rebas, Member of the ENCS Committee on Politics and International
Affairs and former Inspector General of Estonian Defence Forces and
former Head of Estonian Intelligence and Counterintelligence Services.

The Estonian National Congress in Sweden (ENCS) is an association of
Estonian organisations in Sweden comprising 25 member organisations
and local groups all over Sweden. The main task of the ENCS is to
represent the interest of the Estonian community living in Sweden.

Sirle Sööt, Chairman of ENCS
+46 72-519 0480,

Evelin Tamm, Chairman of ENCS Committee on Politics and International
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