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Suvihari 2009
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With a mass exodus of people going to Eesti this June, Seedrioru has to hold their only and annual fundraiser "Suvihari" early this year. The dates are June 13 and 14 and it will be an action packed weekend.

The gate opens at High Noon on Friday and stays open until Sunday morning .Tickets are $35 on Friday, $30 on Saturday and $20 Sunday. Children under 12 are free if accompanied by an adult.

Festivities start Saturday morning with the traditional volleyball tournament and food will be served at the main lodge .What is Suvihari without sauerkraut and sausage or pork loin? Pirukad are also a hot item. If this does not appeal to your Estonian tastebuds traditional hamburgers and hot dogs are also available.

Something that was missing last year was our "Basaar" where for but a loonie one could win all kinds of wonderful prizes. This event is returning in full force. Surrounding the main lodge will be other merchants selling a formidable array of Esto memorabilia. Our younger participants have not been forgotten and they will be able to enjoy a fun house or carnival set up near our saun.

At 3pm there is our AKTUS and this year is special due to the fact that fifty years ago a small group of people worked diligently to erect our “Mälestussammas.” Our thoughts will be directed to why this monument was necessary, what it meant to our fathers, and what it means to us.

We are honoured to have as our guest speaker our own Markus Hess – known for his wit and dedication to the Estonian cause.

Life is a circle. When the cenotaph was originally unveiled Hamilton's mixed choir sang at the occasion and now fifty years later Hamiltoni Eesti Seltsi Segakoor (HESS) will once again raise their voices in praise.

At 7pm Seedrioru will be presenting a mini preview of Laulupidu at the amphitheater. Under the direction of Norman Reintamm various members from different choirs in southern Ontario will give us a glimpse of what will take place in Eesti July 2-5 . Featured will be Tiit Kao, Hanno Bohl and Killi Mirka.

The weekend is far from over. Around nine o'clock we will go to the huge bonfire or "Jaanituli" where audience participation is an integral part of the festivities . To accommodate this our kavaraamat or program will feature a laulik or song booklet that will be a memorable keepsake for years to come. This is included as part of your ticket price. Those that wish to obtain a second copy may do so for $10 . Bring your lawn chairs and flash lights and join our guest artists at the fire.

To round the evening the band Big Chill will play for the dance in the main lodge.

On Sunday morning join in at the pancake breakfast.
Seedrioru awaits one and all with open arms.

See you there!
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