Survey: 90 Percent of Foreign Students Satisfied With Estonian Higher Education
Eestlased Eestis 02 Mar 2012  EWR
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Estonian Review
A results of a survey of international students the revealed that 90 percent of students from other countries are satisfied with the Estonian education system.

The average ratio of satisfaction for the countries that took part in the survey was 88 percent, the Archimedes foundation said. Compared with a similar survey in 2009, the outcome for Estonia was one percentage point better.

Nannette Ripmeester, the director of client services Europe at the International Graduate Insight Group (iGraduate) independent research service that oversaw the survey, said the survey is the most broad-based study of student experiences worldwide. "Since 2005, we have asked the opinion of more than a million students," said Ripmeester.

International students in Estonia were the most satisfied with the living environment, which received a positive assessment from 89 percent of those surveyed, compared with an average of 85 percent for all participating countries. Safety was given the highest points and the prevailing opinion was that Estonia is a very good place to live. Large contributors to satisfaction were reasonable price level and possibilities to spend one's leisure time. Students were not satisfied with possibilities to get work and Estonia also scored way below average in environment friendliness.

Support services in Estonia were valued positively by 89 percent of respondents, against the overall average of 87, with careers advice and health care seen as lagging the most.

Satisfaction with standards of teaching, at 82 percent, was three points lower than the average of 85 percent for reference countries. The main concerns were career opportunities, organisation of research work, and teachers' command of foreign languages. A multicultural atmosphere and the studying environment in general were named as causes of satisfaction.

There are 1 600 foreign students studying in education programs leading to a certificate of achievement in Estonia. In addition, some 800 exchange students arrive here every year within the framework of the Erasmus programme. Approximately 700 foreigners acquiring higher education in Estonia took part in the survey.
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