Summary of Adelaide Eesti Selts AGM 2013
Eestlased Austraalias 19 Feb 2013  EWR
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Anneliis Martinson
On February 3rd the AES held their annual AGM at Eesti Maja. In summary the current members all agreed to stand again although with some changes in responsibilities Richard Semenov was elected as President unopposed.

The remaining committee members will consist of Jaan Oks, Anneliis Martinson, Tiina Muirden, Kristina Martinson, Oxana Sarapuu , Relika Alliksaar Williams, Silvi Crawford and Martin Kurvits.

There will be some changes in roles:
Anneliis Martinson will become co-editor of Virgats along with Richard Semenov
Kristina Martinson will continue to be involved with Youth Affairs
Martin Kurvits will undertake the Treasurer role as well as Family Club
Jaan Oks will continue as Vice President and Aged Care liaison
Tiina Muirden will be the Secretary
Oxana Sarapuu will be the Functions Coordinator
Relika Aliksaar Williams' role is Language and Culture
Silvi Crawford will focus on Media and E-news.

2012 was a very successful year for the Committee with participation within the community at the highest in many years.

This year the AES plans to continue with Movie Afternoons, Family History Club, along with our traditional events of Independence Day, Victory Day and Christmas. Unfortunately there will be no Estonian language classes in first half of the year due to the pending birth of Relika and David William’s first child. However there will be some thought given to holding a Mother’s Day celebration.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the committee for 2013 will be responsibility for Virgats. We are planning some exciting changes so if you are not a member of Eesti Selts please consider joining. You will receive your edition of Virgats monthly and it promises to be filled with local, interstate and international news with Estonian and English language content.

Eesti Selts Membership fees are $30 for waged and $25 for unwaged. Please contact Martin Kurvits at to arrange payment.
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