Stubb to Lavrov: “Finland is not neutral”
Archived Articles 10 Nov 2008  EWR
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Finnish and Russian foreign ministers to meet in Moscow Tuesday

Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubb (Nat. Coalition Party) supports the idea put forward by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for discussion on the future and architecture of European security policy, which Lavrov made in an interview published in Helsingin Sanomat on Sunday.

Stubb feels that the best place for such a discussion would be the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe, and that European security structures should be one of the themes in the foreign ministers’ meeting of the OSCE to be held in Helsinki in early December.
However, Stubb did not promise on Sunday that Finland would actively promote a Russian proposal for a new European security treaty. Stubb told Helsingin Sanomat that as the Chairman of the OSCE, he will “listen with a sensitive ear” to Russia’s proposals.

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