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“Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

“Happy Canada Day!

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s our country, it’s our celebration.

“This is our day to celebrate our 145th birthday, our day to be proud.

“And we have many things to be proud of as Canadians.

“For one thing, we’ve already mentioned, it’s the Diamond Jubilee and I know we all want to send our best wishes to The Queen on her 60 years of service to our country.

“ As I said, as Canadians we have much for which to be proud and thankful.

“Proud of a strong and growing economy.

“Proud of a caring and compassionate society.

“Proud and ready to cheer on the young men and women who are headed to London , our Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

“And as always, proud of the bravery and devotion of our men and women in uniform.

“Now fellow Canadians, on this last point, it is fitting that this year, we should reflect on the military struggle that made Canada possible, the War of 1812.

“Almost exactly two centuries ago, an American invasion of Canada was launched.

“Our ancestors, English, French, Aboriginal, people of all backgrounds, joined in the fight for Canada .

“It was during the War of 1812 – the battle for Canada – that the very foundations of this great country of ours were laid.

“A country born in French, a country proud of its cultural diversity, stability and prosperity, a country, Canada , that stands apart in North America .

“ In fighting together, our ancestors in 1812 laid the basis for a common sense of Canadian nationality based on diversity.

“ And they laid the basis for the vision of freedom, democracy and justice that is our inheritance, Canada , the best country in the world.

“So this a great day, a beautiful day, do enjoy it.

“And so, to all Canadians, wherever they may be, at home, at the cottage, overseas or right here on the Hill.

” On behalf of Laureen, Ben and Rachel, and on behalf of all the Government of Canada, I wish all of you a Happy Canada Day!”
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