St. Petersburg sewage treatment not operating at full capacity
Rahvusvahelised uudised 24 May 2010  EWR
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Helsingin Sanomat
The sewage treatment plants of St. Petersburg, at the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland, are not operating at full capacity, because of malfunctions that have not been fixed. Some of the equipment has been dismantled in order to get spare parts for servicing malfunctioning equipment.

St. Petersburg has a total of 17 sewage treatment plants. For instance, the large southwestern treatment plant, which was built with the help of assistance from Finland, and which is supposed to handle ten per cent of the city’s waste water, is only partially operational. Sewage from St. Petersburg is seen as a major contributor to pollution in the Gulf of Finland.

One of the six treatment lines in the plant do not operate at all, because parts from the machinery have been taken for use as spare parts to repair others. Two other treatment lines at the plant are partially malfunctioning. Their circulation pumps are out of use, but the treatment lines themselves are still in operation.

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