Spring Fundraising Concert
Eestlased Kanadas 17 Mar 2006  EWR
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Hando Nahkur - pics/2006/12780_1.jpg
Hando Nahkur
The spring fundraising concert, which is part of our series of ongoing concerts, features Hando Nahkur, Armas Maiste, Elli Kipper and Charles Kipper. Hando Nahkur is an accomplished pianist who has performed throughout Europe, the USA, Israel and other countries and won many competitions. Armas Maiste has written a special arrangement of 'The Shepherd's Song', an old Estonian folksong, which will involve all four pianists. Some jazz selections will also be performed.

The ESTONIA piano has now been used for several concerts and events at Estonian House. The comments have been very positive. Baritone Mati Palm was very impressed with the piano and commented on its excellent quality and performance as have pianists Hando Nahkur, Armas Maiste and Charles Kipper. At the Estonian Independence Day, the Toronto Starlight Band pianist said that this piano was the best he has played on.

The Estonian House Piano Committee has raised about two-thirds of the funds needed for the ESTONIA piano. Donations are welcomed - keeping in mind that contributions of $500 or more will be recognized on a plaque that will be placed in Estonian House. Plans for the plaque are underway. With a $500 contribution you can remember someone special 'in memorium' or have your name placed on it. Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped us come this far. There is still room to make a contribution to the enhancement of our cultural centre by donating to the piano fund.

Estonian House Piano Committee

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