Spooked by spooks
Arvamus 24 May 2010  EWR
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Edward Lucas, Eastern Approaches

Ukraine's security service, the SBU, has been both an ally and a rival of Russia's security and intelligence establishment in recent years. But As Paul Goble notes on his excellent Window on Eurasia site, the rapprochement between Kyiv (Kiev) and Moscow seems to be changing the picture in the most sensitive bit of Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsular. The SBU, writes Goble, has

signed a five-year agreement that will allow Moscow again to put intelligence agents in Crimea, from which 19 such Russian officers were expelled at the end of last year for attempting to recruit Ukrainians as spies.
(For Paul Goble’s entire article go to: http://www.eesti.ca/index.php?... )

That may jangle nerves among those who worry that Russian influence in Ukraine is already ascendant. But given the way the SBU has been behaving of late, the difference between its tactics and those of the Russia's FSB seems to be narrowing.

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