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These are three outstanding viljad + võsud (fruits and shoots) with which to boost your immuun/süsteem and even nip a nohu (cold) in the bud, before it renders you horizontal (niidab su jalust). The big yellow kera (sphere) is a C-vitamiin packed SIDRUN (sounds like citron, non?), cozied up beside some risoomid (rhizomes or creeping rootstocks) of INGVER. Like the red-headed character on Gilligan's island, remember? And rounding out the power-packed trio is a potent KÜÜSLAUK, whose cloves are called küüned – "nails" (sing. küüs) in Estonian.

Although the küüslauk could be local, unfortunately in this case it's not. The garlic and ginger are from Hiina (China) and the lemon is from Hispaania (España). Alongside the üle/pakendatud (overpackaged) "Tervisesegu" were jars of MESI (honey); thankfully local.

There are plenty of local berries that are packed with C-vitamiin, (note that you put the letter in front of the word vitamin in Estonian), the mightiest being must/sõstar (black currant). As for anything close to the citrus family, there is a fruit-bearing shrub that is winter tolerant (talve/kindel) enough to be called põhjamaa sidrun or lemon of the north – jaapani ebaküdoonia or Japanese quince. (Loe pikemalt Eesti Elu 6. detsembri paberlehest)
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