Snow falls at Otepää – looking good for FIS race
Sport 07 Jan 2012  EWR
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Otepää World
The weather forecast for this weekend is predicting colder temperatures. It will allow restarting the making of artificial snow and the preparation of the FIS race courses continues. It has also been snowing both January 5th and 6th, bringing joy to the organisers as well as to all skiing fans.

By now about 1.7 km from the courses are ready – Tehvandi Sport Center has used both last years snow and new track material made in the beginning of the new year. The minimum program for the organisers is completing a 2.5 km circuit. If weather is favourable then 3.75 km is also realistic.

The Chief of the Local Organising Committee, Jaak Mae, rates the situation at Otepää as okay. “We are optimistic. We believe that it is possible to produce more artificial snow if the weather stays cold and natural snow falls can also be predicted. Decision about the event will be made on 11th of January based on the exact conditions and weather forecasts. If the decision is positive then we have about ten days to improve the courses and make the best possible tracks for sprint and distance races,” he adds. According to him organisers will continue the work as planned.

On January 22nd the first event of the FIS Cross Country World Cup will take place at Otepää. For more on this race visit

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