Smartphone app helps to translate military vocabulary
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Android-based mobile device users can now download an Estonian-English-Estonian military dictionary easy to use for translating military vocabulary.

“The „Sõjakooli sõnastik“” application includes widely used military terms, general translations and compliments the terminology already used in the “Militerm” database,” the application’s development leader, Epp Leete said.

According to Leete, the main difference of this dictionary from “Militerm” is that it also includes terms and general phrases used by Defence Forces members.

The smartphone app can be downloaded on Google Play store and uses Google search engine which means it will search all documents and phrases where the word or word association has been used.

Users will have access to further information on applications and terms as well as abbreviations, explanations and definitions, all in English and Estonian. The application is automatically updated twice a month and all users have the opportunity to suggest changes.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play store:
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