Slothrop's promotes Estonian writers (2)
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Douglas Wells Headlines Slothrop's Local Writers Shelf

Slothrop's has launched a Local Writers shelf where the bookstore carries new and used English-language books by Estonian writers, as well as non-Estonian writers who have connections to the nation.

The list of current local authors on the shelf includes Vello Vikerkaar, David Rothenberg, Neil Taylor, Rein Taagepera, Mati Unt, Walter C. Clemens, Jr., and Stephen Collishaw. Also included is the local favorite Douglas Wells, author of "In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment." (Alexander Theroux books have passed through the shop as well.)

“I view the opening of Slothrops to be another one of those steps marking Estonia's progress and amazing rebirth,” said Wells, who is currently employed by the US State Department. “My six years there were the best in my life.”

Slothrop's manager Binx Bolling said the shelf is more "localish" than local, since some of the writers have not written about Estonia, yet they reside here part of the year. "David Rothenberg is one example. He resides here in the summers, but he is New York based." Rothenberg is the author of seven books, and his "Why Birds Sing" has been the subject of a BBC documentary.

Bolling says Slothrop's will not attempt to compete with Apollo or Rahvaraamat, but will carry titles which the major chains cannot or do not sell. "And we just sell books," added Bolling. "If you want to buy a decorative calendar or a book about puppy dogs then Rahvaraamat is still your best bet."
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