Singing Revolution DVD order update
Archived Articles 24 Nov 2008  EWR
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Dear Friends,

Emails don’t always get through, so we’re sending a short reminder that The Singing Revolution DVD, Book and Music CDs are now available on the film’s website


Although all of the DVDs were complete a few weeks ago, there was a delay in getting some versions into the warehouse. But now all pending orders have shipped and are on their way, and products are in stock ready to go out immediately.

Please check out the Special Offers page for discounts on the DVD/Book combo and Box-of-Ten discounts. And see the details on the extensive Collector's & Educational Versions.

Also keep in the mind that we’re making an effort to keep the BLOG on the website updated with current information about the project and related events. People are adding their own comments, and all are welcome to share any comments and thoughts on the website BLOG.

Thanks for your continued support in sharing this powerful story.

Maureen & James Tusty

Producers/Directors of The Singing Revolution
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