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Arvamus 04 Feb 2012 Justin PetroneEWR
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Even typing those three words gives one an idea of how far Estonia is from the heart of Europe, the Europe that we all know and love, from films and books, and half a century of uninterrupted, guided international travel. It's remote. The word "backwater" is coming to mind but I will suppress it because it is unkind. But what other word would you use to describe the least populated state on the Baltic Sea?

Here the cursed Soviet legacy is actually blessed, because the Soviet legacy is what puts Tallinn on the map, allowing it to rise above other expat havens like Paris or Prague or wherever those no good traitors mill about these days. Ooh, you've got your haute couture and your bustling sex industry, but we've got our Soviet legacy. Estonia is indisputably the most successful of the republics once under direct Soviet control. Number three on the Press Freedom Index, baby! And it sits right beside scary Russia, which means a faint whiff of danger is always in the air. Russia is a dormant dike. You never know when it could burst.

The Estonian foreign community has always been plagued by Baltic solidarity.

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