September 13, 2010
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Embassy of the U.S. Tallinn
Just as the First Transcontinental Railroad of the 1860's and the Interstate Highway System of the 1950's brought our nation together and laid the foundation for greater success and prosperity, so too will the improvements and investments we make today in our country's infrastructure. Just last week, President Obama announced a plan to renew and expand America's roads, railways and runways. Moreover, the President proposes to fund a permanent infrastructure bank that would leverage private and state capital to invest in projects that are most critical to our economic progress.

Similarly, the emphasis on infrastructure developments as a key to prosperity are shared by our partners and allies across the Atlantic. Last week, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, at a meeting with Polish President Bronisław Komorowski, remarked that "railways with European rail width have to reach from Poland's Western border to the Baltic Sea." He added that "Estonia is one of the best politically integrated European Union states but not economically integrated yet. We need both connection support as well as regional cooperation to build transport and energy connection paths with the rest of the European Union."

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