Seniors Month – Why should seniors read with children this month?
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“In youth we learn; in old age we understand.”* With 4.2 million seniors in Canada, there is great opportunity for our children to learn from them. Seniors Month, this June 2009, provides a useful reminder to recognize and celebrate the substantial contributions seniors make to Canadians. Seniors are an essential, but often underappreciated, resource.

Reading with a grandparent or other senior can be a great opportunity for both the adult and child. They can share some relaxed quality time together, discussing the ideas that are contained in the story. Furthermore, a senior can add to the child's future well-being just by reading with them. Reading is essential to a child. Simply reading and telling stories to a young child is powerful stimuli for brain development, and can have substantial positive impact on their future academic skills. Finally, seniors reading to children can help the youngsters develop vital language skills, enrich their lives, and enhance their social skills.

This June, LeapFrog is encouraging children to read with a senior. LeapFrog Canada can speak to the importance of seniors reading with children, and provide tips on how seniors and children can read together. LeapFrog Canada is passionate about encouraging youngsters to read, and helped generate over 1,000,000 reading hours last year.

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