Senator Richard Lugar to speak at JBANC Conference
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Washington, DC (JBANC) — The Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) is pleased to announce that Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana will be special lunch speaker and 2007 Baltic Democracy Award recipient at its Conference on Energy Security and Baltic-Russian relations to be held February 10, 2007 in Washington, D.C. Senator Lugar, ranking Republican member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who recently spoke at the NATO Summit in Riga, will address issues concerning the Baltics.

Also added to the conference lineup is Cannes Film Festival award winning filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov. Nekrasov, involved in projects documenting communism's fallout, has recently been in the news due to his close friendship with Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian dissident/former spy, murdered by radiation poisoning. Litvinenko's last words were spoken to Nekrasov, who was at his bedside in London when he died.

As previously announced, Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus will make a keynote address to the morning session of the conference assessing the energy situation in the Baltics and its geopolitical ramifications.

The conference begins Friday, February 9, with a briefing by four U.S. government officials from the State Department, National Security Council and Department of Defense, to be followed by a Baltic documentary film showcase and reception at the Woodrow Wilson Center in the Reagan building.

Saturday's panels are focused on energy security, energy alternatives, Russian-Baltic relations, and remembrance of the victims of communism, and include experts from the Hudson Institute, Heritage Foundation, Holocaust Museum, Jamestown Foundation, CSIS, along with the European Commission, and the three Baltic countries.

Admission to the two day conference is $125.

For program information and registration, see, or call JBANC at 301-340-1954.
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