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Eestlased Kanadas 08 May 2015 Eric TiislerEWR
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Our goal: to find the right resources, for the right work, at the right time and make this year efficient, satisfying and fun!

I would like to thank all of you personally for helping out with the Talgud over last weekend. I consider it a great success when over 34 people attending on Saturday and 31 people on the Sunday. Simply amazing!

Interesting facts:
• the total man-hours attributed to both days was 480!
• If we assume an average wage value of $20/hr (low) then that amounts to $9600 in valuable labour! Suur Aitäh!!!!

What did we accomplish?
• The pool is ready to be fenced and filled
• The roadways are fixed to allow more work to get done
• The emergency road clearing (by the shooting range) is 70% complete
• Jobs were assessed by taking photos, measurements and experimented so we can order paint and materials
• Trees were cut down and brush cleanup started
• The kitchen is clean and usable
• The Sauna woodshed is getting more full
• uv system cover installed at the punane maja
• The old pump station by the barn was torn down
• The Main Entrance was cleared of branches

and a fantastic surprise!

• The Sauna is being renovated!!!!!!

Lessons Learned
• Get more projects available and line them up with people and tools ahead of time (facebook)
• Engage the people to find more projects
• Make sure I have beer to offer during the meal! (Sunday was better!)
• Request: if you have any photos taken that are good for our record book, please share!

Check out our Seedrioru Talgud Komitee site for photos and projects
Jõudu tööle!

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2015 Seedrioru Talgud Schedule

Summer June 6&7
Summer June 13&14
Summer June 20&21
Fall 3 October
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