Seedrioru Survivor Nädal 2014 (3)
Eestlased Kanadas 23 Jul 2014 Eric TiislerEWR
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This was our fourth year of offering one week of wilderness training to the boys and girls attending the almost 60 year old tradition of Seedriouru Estonian Summer Camp. A total of 34 youth ages 4-15 participated in the program designed to teach them survival skills while being immersed in Estonian language, music and culture.

They foraged for natural ingredients over the extensive property and learned about natures bounty by sampling easily identified edibles and medicinal plants such as dandelions, plantain, wild carrot, honeysuckle, wood sorrel and of course the familiar wild thyme!

Rustic camping on an island on the Grand River was their reward for all the hard work! Given only rope, a tarp, woodsmans skills and tough Estonian spirit, they were able to cook using cast iron skillets and an interesting method of creating a campfire with the internet sensation, The Swedish Torch!“ A meal of sausages, peppers and onions never tasted so good. It was followed by cinnamon sugared bannock as a tasty dessert.

The music program saturated throughout the week and the children were able to showcase their talents at the Saturday night final Suur Lõke with several songs. Juhataja Helmi Hess impressed the crowd as she conducted the children effortlessly with the great quality of the childrens singing!

We enjoyed fantastic weather again this year and look forward to running this program next year with some fresh and always exciting new ideas!

Eric Tiisler

Seedrioru Survivor Program Director

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