Seedrioru “Ski and Sauna” Day 2015 (1)
Eestlased Kanadas 16 Mar 2015 Eric TiislerEWR
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The Event!
On Saturday, March 7th 2015 Seedrioru hosted its first “Ski and Sauna” day in many years. It was held as part of renewed effort to get people young and old to use the scenic property in the winter time. Over 40 participants cross country skied and snow shoed along the river or tobogganed down the Söögisaal hill or skated on the frozen pond! The winter warriors were rewarded for their efforts afterward with delicious stews, chili’s, hot chocolate and warm apple cider. The Sauna was then made available later to tend to the sore muscles!

Information Session
This event also doubled as an information session for anyone interested in upcoming “Seedrioru Talgud projects and Suvihari 60 preparations” presented by Juhatus member Eric Tiisler. “We have taken the work lists from previous years, prioritized them and are currently assigning owners in order to guarantee we can find the right people, for the right work and the right time. The goal is to make this year’s Talgud more efficient and fun!”

Eric’s presentation was supported by another timely formal announcement by Juhatus Vice President Thomas Koger who indicated that there has been a significant donation left to Seedrioru recently to help with much needed capital projects across the site. Thomas remarked, “We will remember this meeting ten years from now as the beginning of the golden age of Seedrioru”.

Seedrioru President Jaanus Kimsto also made reference during the presentation to outgoing Sihtkapital Presidents Lia Hess’s remarks about “Seedrioru being the largest congregator of Estonians in Canada and probably in North America” and that we cannot lose sight of that, Jaanus stated.

This year’s focus will be on ensuring that we meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and to start work towards site improvements to the pool, amphitheater, cabins, main hall and of course the sauna! A digital signup sheet will be made available in May for people to pick and plan their work better and even allow for completing work on days other than the “official” Talgud weekends in June. “It will allow for more flexibility for those who have a different schedule and want to work during the week” said Eric. “We need to make sure that the communications are simple and effective so we will be using the website and social media to help recruit and inform volunteers”. Eric finished with “Estonians are capable of achieving incredible things that they deem worthy. I carry that with me always. Why was this place built? Because Estonians deemed it important enough to be built. Keeping Seedrioru up to their standards is our ultimate responsibility.”

A thanks to the Volunteers that made it happen!
Of course a winter day at Seedrioru did not come without challenges that required some hard work from eager volunteers! The main water line was partially frozen due to the extreme cold season and the sauna water was tougher than usual to set up but resident “fix it man” Peeter Käärid made sure the toilets ran and the sauna was ready! Trevor Crossman slaved away for weeks forming a decent patch of ice worthy of some hockey play. A delicious array of food was a labor of love courtesy of Linda Paluveer and of course a sincere thank you to the super effective volunteers that make up the Seedrioru media crew of Tormi Kimsto and Eero Teene!

This year is going to be fun and productive year at Seedrioru!

Eric Tiisler, Seedrioru Juhatus

“For more information about Seedrioru Talgud and Suvihari 60th visit the website at and save the date June 26-28, 2015. See the results of this community effort and enjoy a wonderful program being planned. Seedrioru is honoured to have special guest the Estonian Ambassador Gita Kalmet join us, and thrilled to have the Estonian sensation Tanel Padar & The Sun as entertainment.”

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