Scrap Metal and Estonian Brides
Archived Articles 05 Aug 2009  EWR
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Rick Steves

I spent a long day touring the Estonian countryside with my guide, Mati. It seems that the life and money are being sucked into the big city, Tallinn. Country people are moving there for work. The Estonian countryside seemed pretty dead - enjoyed by holiday-makers and offering work to those who can telecommute.

The forests are thick, but the country is flat. Its highest "mountain" is under 1,000 feet, nicknamed "Big Egg Hill." The endless pine forests are carpeted by wild berries and mushrooms. It is a part of the lifestyle to pick the berries. Mati said, "We have many berries. If you are very sick, some can make you well. Others can kill you. We pick them now for the joy, but during communist times, we picked them because we needed the food."

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