Scouts Canada recognizes Kalev and Lembitu leaders with Outstanding Recognition Awards (1)
Eestlased Kanadas 24 Nov 2014 Enno AgurEWR
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On November 22, Scouts Canada Outstanding Recognition Awards were presented at the Lembitu 65th anniversary meeting to most deserving scout leaders of the Lembitu and Kalev scout groups -250th and 252nd Toronto (Estonian), respectively. In alphabetical order, recipients were the following:

Skm. Enno Agur, Bar to the Medal of Merit
Skm. Ants Evard, Bar to the Silver Acorn
Nskm. David Hogg, Medal of Merit
Nskm. Peter Jeeger, Medal of Merit
Nskm. Mikk Jõgi, Bar to the Medal for Good Service
Nskm. Nicholas Kazakoff, Medal for Good Service
Nskm. Robert Kivi, Bar to the Medal for Good Service
Skm. Toomas Kütti, Medal of Merit
Nskm. Mihkel Lõugas, Medal of Merit
Nskm. Alrek Meipoom, Bar to the Medal for Good Service
Nskm. Endel Mell, Medal of Merit
Nskm. Mati Pajo, Medal of Merit
Nskm. Tarmo Remmel, Bar to the Medal for Good Service
Skm. Jaan Saun, Bar to the Medal for Good Service
Nskm. Eric Sehr, Medal for Good Service
Nskm. Arnold Tralla, Medal for Good Service
Nskm. Peter Türk, Medal of Merit
Skm. Pearu Tamm, Medal of Merit

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to skm. Asko Kütti for his over 50 years of dedication, outstanding service and support to the Scouting movement in Canada and worldwide. Asko is now retired as an active leader, but his contributions to Estonian scouting will be long valued and appreciated.

Congratulations on behalf of the Estonian family of scouts and guides in Canada to all award recipients!

Enno Agur, skm.

Additional photos: Lembitu Malev
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