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SBS Radio is broadcasting 74 different language programs every week. Once again, one of them is Estonian! Estonian program airs on Fridays 1pm on SBS Radio 3. Estonian program can be heard on digital radio, digital TV or on the website and via SBS Your Language app on smart phones.

Estonian program brings you Australian news and current affairs in Estonian as well as explores topics that Australian Estonians find interesting. In order to make our program as relevant as possible for the listeners, we welcome all feedback. Please send the Estonian program an e-mail to: and let us know what you would like to hear about!

The Executive Producer of the program is Triin Pehk who works in Sydney and part-time producer is Tanel Jan Palgi working in Melbourne. In the future we will have a correspondent reporting from Estonia on the team!

Adelaide-based interview: live on the web now!

Sander Kroon who is a backpacker here in Adelaide, spoke to the SBS reporter Triin Pehk. Have a listen to his interview now!

Click here to hear the interview:
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