Russian Food Sanctions and a Request for Baltic Community Help (8)
Eestlased USAs 11 Aug 2014  EWR
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With the announcement of Russian sanctions on EU and North American food suppliers this past week, one of our favorites came from Aleksandr Vešnjakov, Russian Ambassador to Latvia, who was quoted this weekend as saying that he doubted Americans would buy Latvian sprats. We thanked him for the free advertising and promptly bought a large quantity from’s online grocery store. See August 10, 2014 article at:
We did likewise for Latvian rye bread sold by It is shipped from Latvia every two weeks. But what about Estonian food products in Canada and the USA? What and where can we buy those? We would appreciate a rapid “time-sensitive mobilization” from readers on this issue. Perhaps some can see this as a variant of a “freedom fries” movement. In any case, we look forward to Estonian reader input and help on this issue…………..what and where can we buy Estonian food products in Canada and the USA?

From D.M. Helmeste, PhD. and colleagues (August 11, 2014 in California).
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