Russia to place Iskander missile systems on western border
Rahvusvahelised uudised 01 Mar 2010  EWR
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Victor Yenikeev,

The high-precision Iskander missile systems will be deployed in the Leningrad military district on Russia's western border later this year, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov said.

To be more exact, the Iskander missile systems will be deployed on Russia's border with Estonia. However, they will cover, practically, the whole territory of the Baltic countries, meaning Latvia and Estonia because these are missiles with a range nearly reaching 500 kilometres.

It is absolutely clear that the Baltic countries and the other NATO member-states show no enthusiasm on that score. It is just the other way around: they will again display their discontent over this. You know, we remember very well how painfully they reacted some time ago to Russia's promises to deploy the Iskander missile systems in the Kaliningrad Region in response to Washington's plans to establish the global U.S. missile defence system bases in the Czech Republic and Poland.

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