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Russia reveals their long-term mole in Estonia’s security services (II) Estonian Life
Arvamus 17 Jan 2015  Eesti Elu
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Laas Leivat

Estonian intelligence veterans summarily dismiss the Russian FSB’s claims that Uno Puusepp was able to ruin 80 percent of KaPo’s work. Puusepp, a KGB technical specialist before Estonia’s re-establishment of independence and then a KaPo specialist, unquestionably did some damage to KaPo’s operations but not to the extent the Russians have stated.

KaPo`s director Arnold Sinisalu indicates that the NTV documentary on which Puusepp made his sensational appearance and revelations is a mixture of unrelated video footage. Much of the material was shot dozens of years before.

The documentary helped to find answers to some questions but also left others unanswered. Puusepp was assigned to technical duties and therefore had some familiarity with KaPo`s work but not to the extent that the Russian TV documentary claimed. Some of Puusepp`s knowledge was genuine but much of it the documentary producers picked up from other sources. KaPo also knows the location where the documentary was shot – Moscow`s top line hotel, the Indigo.

In the documentary Puusepp asserted that he was involved in the abandonment of a special KaPo-CIA-NSA joint project – the establishment of a building in Aegviidu (east of Tallinn) with equipment capable of intercepting encoded Russian diplomatic dispatches to Moscow. Sinisalu indicated that yes, Puusepp probably tipped the Russians off about the intended operation. (Pikemalt Eesti Elu 16. jaanuari paberlehes)
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