Romania reaches out for new 'precautionary' loan
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Valentina Pop
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Romania is about to sign a second, "precautionary" agreement with the EU and the International Monetary Fund worth €5 billion, with a first aid package agreed in 2009 set to run out in May, the country's president said on Sunday (6 February).

"The agreement is necessary because the risks in the region are still high," President Traian Basescu said in a televised address from the Cotroceni palace.

"There's also a political risk in Romania if we consider the elections and that's why I insisted that this agreement be for two years," he explained, adding that the deal is likely to be signed in March.

Under the new agreement, the IMF will earmark €3.6 billion and the EU €1.4 billion in case of an emergency, he said.

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