Roman Toi 95
Eestlased Kanadas 03 Nov 2011  EWR
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At a recent concert of Maestro Roman Toi’s compositions three prominent guests from Estonia participated in honouring the conductor/composer on his 95th anniversary. From left, Arvi Karotam, chair of the Men’s Choral Society in Estonia; Dr. Roman Toi (it’s not a prayer shawl but a gift from Estonia featuring a few bars of composer Miina Härma’s work); Jüri Rent, conductor of the Tallinn University Men’s Choir and and the Men’s Choral Society Men’s Choir. Peep Lassmann, Rector of the National Estonian Conservatory is missing from the photo. The Toronto Estonian Men’s Choir, Academic Mixed Choir Õõbik and Estonia Choir with soloists provided the program. Photo: Tambet Kask.
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