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Richard Semenov: “We have a fabulous community and great opportunities for Estonians”
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Recently the Adelaide Eesti Selts called an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting in response to the resignation of the President, Lea Rebane. Richard Semenov, a Specialist Anaesthetist in the Royal Adelaide Hospital, was elected as the new President. On his interview to Meie Kodu, Richard speaks about himself and his Estonian heritage, and reveals the Adelaide Society’s plans for the near future.

What were the reasons that you agreed to start as a president in Adelaide Estonian Society?

I actually became Vice President of Adelaide Society purely by default as I had agreed to join the Adelaide Eesti Selts a few years ago. I was fairly busy with my personal life and I said to the members I would make up the numbers as long as I would not have to do too much. The Vice President role seemed perfect for me.

What we have as an Estonian community should be cherished and held with great respect. I have parents that were both born in Estonia, lived through difficult times as young children and had to immigrate to Australia. They were part of a culture that firmly believed that Estonia as a country would be overwhelmed by foreign aggressors and we here in Australia had to try to preserve our heritage. This threat has disappeared with our home countries basic desire for freedom and now where do we go from here in Adelaide...Well we have to re-assess things over time and this is where we can all help to change what the community is about. The idea of the Esto Pub Night was the brainchild of the Vikerkaar folk dancing group, with the support of the Social club and Thomas Sarapuu this has changed many peoples attitudes and brought countless people back to our community.

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