Review: Symphony for brass quite a gas
Kultuur 13 Jun 2012  EWR
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Capital BrassWorks program for Tuesday evening’s concert included the world premiere of Jan Järvlepp’s Symphony for Brass.

Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen, June 12, 2012
OTTAWA — What do you think of brass instruments? We all know that strings are the finest of the fine, and woodwinds can be very beautiful as well. For sheer niftiness, nothing beats percussion (forgive the pun) but, let’s face it, brass instruments well played can be pretty special too.

Now I know what you are thinking: Sure, brass instruments can make a big sound. Mahler and Strauss would have been mere nobodies without them, but they have their limitations. For example, there are symphonies for just strings, and even some for just winds. But have you ever heard of a symphony for brass? I hadn’t, at least not until Capital BrassWorks announced its program for Tuesday evening’s concert.

It included the world premiere of Jan Järvlepp’s Symphony for Brass. So there. One doesn’t usually associate the idea of Canadian music with symphonies, though there are some around. This spring there have been premieres of two, both by Ottawa composers, the earlier being Andrew Ager’s monumental Rubyat Symphony.

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