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Request for information pertaining to Toronto Estonian House
20 Apr 2017 EWR Online

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to the Board of Directors of the Estonian House for copies of:

Any agreement amongst the Estonian Credit Union Limited, Estonian Foundation of Canada, and Tartu College (collectively referred to as the 3Orgs in the Resolution) in respect of the Madison Project (if not in writing, the particulars of any verbal agreement);

The Letter of Intent between the 3Orgs and Build Toronto and/or the City of Toronto in respect of the Madison Project;

Any expert analysis and/or third party reports regarding the proposed remediation of the Community Center and viability of the Madison Project, as cited in Paragraph H of the Resolution;

The proposed budget for the Madison Project, including the phasing of the proposed buildings, timing and a breakdown of the $18 million estimated cost, the proportionate contributions to be expected from each of the 3Orgs, as cited in Paragraph 2b of the Resolution, and the projected costs of creating and/or maintaining the public-private park at the Madison Project;

Any contracts for the development and construction of the Madison Project, including contracts with David Kalm and Alar Kongats and agreements with Tribute Communities and Alterra, as described in Paragraph A of the Resolution;

All written submissions, plans and drawings delivered to the Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") by the Estonian House and/or 3Orgs in respect of the hearing scheduled to proceed on April 26, 2017 and clarification as to which organization/s will be appearing before the OMB with respect to the Proposed Transaction;

An accounting of all costs incurred by the Estonian House and/or the 3Orgs on the Madison Project to date including, but not limited to, amounts paid to architects, engineers, development consultants, builders, lawyers, as well as any penalties incurred as a result of terminated contracts; and

A breakdown of all expenses incurred against the Line of Credit of $250,000.00 advanced to Estonian House by the Estonian Credit Union as it relates to the Boards experience with expenses as cited in Paragraph H of the Resolution.


 - pics/2017/04/49588_001.jpg