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Refugees trigger public anxiety, protest which fits well with Russian propaganda Estonian Life (5)
Arvamus 31 Jul 2016 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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Laas Leivat
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In its annual report the Estonian Security Police state that the problems perceived with the possible influx of large numbers of middle-east refugees stem from lack of credible information.
This has resulted in the growth of anti-European Union groups, support for populist and extremist activists, fear of the unknown and an irrational anxiety. In 2015 social media was busy forming these unions and helped organize some ten public events. The governmental shelter provided for asylum applicants was periodically attacked.
The rise of populist sentiments and the accompanying leadership weakens community security and also international stability which erodes European unity. Paradoxically right wing extremism feeds off Moscow’s anti-European propaganda while at the same time the far left develops their own populist craving for a return to an autocratic Soviet system promoted by the same Russian propaganda apparatus.
KAPO’s director general, Arnold Sinisalu was asked if the populists realize that they are useful for the Kremlin. “Useful idiots have always existed and some unfortunately let themselves be exploited,” said Sinisalu. Thousands arrive in Estonia every year in the course of natural migration. The majority blend in with the local population causing no reason for extra vigilance. Why should we be concerned now? Irrespective of the past record why would our cultural integrity, sovereignty and public order be facing danger all of a sudden, asked Sinisalu. The condemnation of Russian tactics as applied to Ukraine is being replaced by fear of the uncontrolled influx of refugees. In the face of Russian aggression, a weakened Europe is much more dangerous than the arrival of some refugees, states KAPO. (Pikemelt Eesti Elu 29. Juuli paberlehest)
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