Record Number of Full-Length Movies Released in Estonia in 2012
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Estonian Review/ BNS
As many as 46 full-length films were released in Estonia in 2012, of which 13 were full-length feature films and 33 full-length documentaries, Statistics Estonia said on Wednesday.

Altogether 241 films, including 195 short films, were released in Estonia during the year when Estonian film celebrated its 100th birthday. The total number of films released, however, was smaller than in 2003, when a record 261 films were released, including 240 short films.

A full-length film is a film having a duration of at least 60 minutes, or 52 minutes in case of TV formats.

A total of 332 films were shown in Estonian cinemas in 2012, the biggest number for any year since Estonia regained its independence. Of the films 28 were Estonian, 134 European productions, 154 US productions, and 16 productions of other countries. The percentage of European productions and productions of other countries has increased over the past years while the share of US films has decreased. The number of Estonian films peaked in 2011 when 40 Estonian films ran in the country's cinemas in the course of the year.

The number of cinema visits in 2012 was close to 2.5 million, higher than in any other of the last 20 years. Compared to 2011, the number of cinema visits grew by more than 100 000.

The most popular films in Estonia during the year were "Ice Age 4" with 171 000 visits, "Skyfall" with 95 000 visits, and "Madagascar 3" with 88 000 visits. The most popular Estonian release, "Seenelkaik" (" Mushrooming") by Toomas Hussar, was fourth with 73 700 visits. "Eestlanna Pariisis" ("Une Estonienne a Paris") by Ilmar Raag placed 15th with 36 600 visits and "Vasaku jala reede" ("Bad Hair Friday") by Andres Kopper and Arun Tamm 21st with 33 000 visits.

Altogether Estonian films gathered nearly 250 000 visits or 10% of the total number of cinema visits during the year.

The average price of a cinema ticket was 4.1 euros, unchanged from the preceding year.
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