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Ranna kohvik – aka Seaside Cafe
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Saturday November 20th, Estonian House 6 pm

If the name „Ranna kohvik“ or Seaside Cafe conjures up images of the sights, sounds and smells of rustic fishing villages on the rocky shores of the Baltic Sea, then you have envisioned very accurately the scenario (except for the smells) that will greet you in the large hall of the Estonian House on Saturday November 20th.

If you enjoy being entertained by a wide variety of talented local Estonian musicians, singers, dancers and comedians, then the main hall of Estonian House is definitely the place to be on November 20th.

If Estonian national foods make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, then the Veltmann food stations in the centre hall of the Estonian House will beckon you repeatedly between the sets of entertainment in the main hall on November 20th.

If you are fascinated by the heroic tales of the unfathomably treacherous journeys undertaken by Estonians 66 years ago to escape the tyranny of yet another soviet occupation, then the exhibit in the small hall of the Estonian House is a „must-see“!

What does one take along when fleeing for one’s life leaving behind family, home and homeland? What does one do in DP camps where time hangs heavy but materials are scarce? Come and see!

Do you, your parents or grandparents have items to contribute to the exhibit? Items taken along from the homeland by those seeking freedom and refuge in the west and items fashioned in refugee camps in Germany and Sweden? If so, please contact:
Helle Arro – 416-449-4209, or
Maaja Matsoo – 416-691-0719, .

If you have a kind heart and a generous spirit, you will be relieved to know that the Ranna kohvik - Seaside Cafe is a fundraising event - proceeds to be used for the purchase of a bedside monitor for the Children’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospitals.

This event is being organized to mark the 20th anniversaries of two well-known Estonian fund-raising organizations in Toronto - the Estonian Women’s Alumni Association in Canada (AKEN) and the Estonian Ecumenical Relief Organization (EERO) as well as to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Estonian Ethnographic Society in Canada (EERK) working in conjunction with the Children’s Fund of the University of Tartu Hospitals Children’s Clinic.

Price per person $40.00 (includes food), cash bar
To reserve tickets/tables please contact:
Helge Kurm 416-699-5538,

Ellen Leivat
AKEN/EERO/EERK organizing committee
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